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Casey Ping


Casey is currently the Program Director for Travis County STAR Flight. A government sponsored, public safety helicopter program performing EMS, SAR, Law Enforcement and Fire Suppression activities in Central Texas.

 Casey has been actively involved in public safety for 29 years. 25 years as a paramedic and 20 years assigned to aviation units as flight paramedic, chief flight paramedic and program director. During those 20 years has worked as helicopter rescue specialist, crew chief and hoist operator.

 Casey was a founding member of Texas Engineering Extension Service Texas Task Force 1 Swiftwater and Helicopter Rescue Committee that identified and developed team typing models and resources for disaster response after the 1998 Rio Grand Flood. This committee, along with members of the Texas Army National Guard, was responsible for the first ever partnering of National Guard air assets with civilian rescuers during state disasters. This program was developed in 2001 after Tropical Storm Allison impacted the Texas coast. This model is now being used in multiple other states.  He has is currently a Water and Helicopter Rescue Manager and has been deployed during significant floods/disaster events in Texas and Louisiana, including multiple Tropical Storms and Hurricane's including Katrina, Rita and Dean. 

 Casey also serves as an original member of the DHS/FEMA Search and Rescue Credentialing Committee where he is the co-chair of the Flood/Swift Water, Helicopter and Boat Operations Sub-Committee. 

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